My Story


As well as being a qualified personal trainer and a professional photographer, I’m a traveller, nutrition nut and overall health and wellness addict. 


My passion for photography started at an early age and grew while in the darkroom perfecting my developing skills.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Photography from University of Canterbury in New Zealand and Rhode Island School of Design in America I moved to Auckland and spent several years assisting established photographers before setting up my own photography business.

Growing up, fitness was just as important to me and I got involved in as many sports as I could although this all came to a standstill when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. 


As you can imagine, this was life-changing.


As I recovered, I began to value being able to move and be active in a different way.  As something I couldn’t take for granted. I became more passionate, not just about fitness in my own life but how important it is for everyone.

It was also a turning point in the way in which I fueled my body. I started looking at how different types of foods are essential for health and well-being. 


I don't think many people realise how great they can feel when they exercise, get enough sleep and fuel their body with the right foods. It’s not just great for the body but has a huge impact on our mental state and our quality of life.


As a personal trainer, I want to educate and motivate those around me into living a healthy and active lifestyle. I work closely with my clients to help them achieve their desired fitness goals and to assist them in making changes to their diet which they can maintain long term. As a photographer I want to capture the beauty in life and am passionate about light and colour.


Combining my two passions I have created Shred to Wed.  A package which helps clients to look and feel their best on their special day with photos that they will cherish in time to come.